Purebred Ranch Raised Labs in Granbury, Texas.

Meet our Retired Dogs


Charlie is an AKC registered Chocolate Labrador Retriever. She’s a smart, friendly mama who loves to go swimming and chase rocks! 

We got Charlie in 2012 as a puppy and she has given us 7 adorable litters of puppies!

Charlie and our daughter, Hailey, are the best of friends. Charlie loves to hop on the 4 wheeler to scope out the property or head down to the tank with Hailey. Charlie had her final litter in 2020 and we have since had her fixed so that she can live out her retirement lazing around the ranch.

In Loving Memory


Duke was an AKC registered Chocolate Labrador Retriever. He passed away in 2021.

We got Duke as a young, crazy hyper puppy in 2005. He was a bundle of energy from the day we got him, until the day he died. 

Duke fathered 10 wonderful, adorable litters with Charlie and (white) Bristol.

In Loving Memory

(The Original) Bristol

We’ve had two labs named Bristol, but the original was an AKC registered White Labrador Retriever. She passed away in 2010. 

Bristol was so playful but fiercely protective.  Our daughter had a mini dachshund back then, and he and Bristol loved to snuggle and play together. 

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